Today we will be studying the scientific method. I know you have an inquisitive mind, so this important process aptly begins by asking questions. Then you should conduct some background research. Below you will find such questions and the researched answers for your review.  

Once you have finished this initial research, you will no doubt already be developing a hypothesis: that if we bring our two complex organic elements together, it will cause a stunning and beautiful effect. To test this hypothesis, you will need to conduct direct experimentation! In order to move to this phase, please complete the screening and booking form further down on this page. Once we data, I mean, date, there will be myriad delightful opportunities for careful analysis, and you will hopefully come to many satisfying conclusions. For you dominant scientists out there, I will happily volunteer to be your control group. And as you know, science is a highly iterative process, and your hypothesis must continue to be tested and re-tested in different contexts!

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Fundamental Abstract of Queries (FAQs):

Question: What can we do in our time together?

Answer: I’m up for almost anything! I love good food and conversation, if you just want to keep it classic and go out to dinner together. I know how to dress and compose myself well and can make polite small-talk with your colleagues, if you would like a lovely date on your arm for your next business social event. I’m also totally down for a bit more adventure, if you want to mix up your normal routine.

Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning and the juices flowing:

Enjoy a night on the town watching a music/theater/dance performance together, put our heads together on an escape room challenge, read Lady Chatterley’s Lover to each other during a picnic in the park, check out the cool new exhibit at an art or science museum, learn some intriguing new skills at a workshop, discuss the fruit-forward rustic nuttiness while wine tasting in Sonoma, feel the tension melt away during a relaxing couples massage, cheer on the champs at a Warriors game, take a stroll on a warm day through a botanical garden, add sexy stakes to our two-person board game competition, try our hands (and feet) at a new route at the rock climbing gym, eat our way through SF on a food tour…and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless!

Question: Wait…kink, what?? Tell me more!

Answer: Yes, Miss Leah Lindsay has a kinky side. (; I am a submissive, and enjoy allowing men (or couples, with one or both members topping) to explore their dominant side in a safe, fun, non-judgmental container. The things I most enjoy are power exchange, bondage, sensation play, and pet play. I’m not a masochist. I find conscious communication and clear consent to be very sexy. If you are interested in exploring some kink play together, please let me know. When we get together in person, we will negotiate both boundaries and desires in much more detail.

Please note that I am not a femme domme/dominatrix. If you want to be the one being dominated, there are many other awesome ladies out there who can do that for you!

Question: How will we communicate before our date?

Answer: During the initial screening process, we will communicate by email only. For check-ins shortly before our date, I will either email or text you, whichever you prefer. I will never initiate a call or text to you without your permission. Return clients can bypass the screening/booking form on my website, and just drop me a line by email when you would like to make an appointment.

Question: How do you accept payment? Do you require a deposit?

Answer: I accept several different forms of payment, to make it as convenient as possible for you. Cash is fine, and allows me to avoid processing fees. If you are paying in cash, please make it available in an unsealed envelope at the start of our date. If we first meet in a public space, it’s an appreciated gesture to hand the envelope to me inside a card, magazine, or gift bag. If you prefer, you may also pay online through the link at the bottom of my website, using a credit or debit card, PayPal, Venmo, or Apple Pay.

For longer bookings or when I make arrangements/reservations for us ahead of time, a pre-date electronic deposit will be required.

Question: What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: I am exclusive in choosing my company; I only have appointments a couple of times a week. So the more notice you provide, the better your chance of getting time on my calendar. Once we set a date, I will be holding it for you and looking forward to it, so please show me the same respect and don’t make plans you don’t intend to keep.

With that being said, life happens! If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. If the cancellation occurs within 48 hours of our date, there will be a 20% fee, and if within 24 hours, 30%.

Question: Do you go out with people of color, or of different ethnic backgrounds or nationalities, or with a disability, or…?

Answer: Absolutely! I hate that this question would even need to be asked. I am an equal opportunity escort, and I do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, disability, gender identity, religion, etc. The only people I am prejudiced against are assholes.

Question: Why don’t you show your full face in your photos? Can I see any additional photos?

Answer: I have no interest in becoming a celebrity. I have a separate professional and personal life, which I wish to keep private, just as you probably do. In person, my eyes, ears, and mouth are all yours.

As for additional photos, there are more than 30 photos on my website, so please enjoy the visual feast I have put together for you here. And during our date, you are welcome to take as many mental pictures as you’d like.

Question: How do you feel about drugs and alcohol during our time together?

Answer: I definitely enjoy a nice glass of wine, or an occasional cocktail. I will not drink to excess, and I certainly hope you won’t either. If cannabis is something you enjoy to help you relax, that’s fine, although I will not be partaking with you (and if you smoke, I will expect you to brush your teeth afterwards!). Consumption of any illegal drugs while we are together absolutely will not be tolerated.

Question: Why do you require personal and work information from me in order to meet?

Answer: Personal safety, mental and physical, is paramount. I am someone’s daughter, sister, and friend. Wouldn’t you want the women you love to know that the men they are meeting are who they say they are and can be trusted? Rest assured that I highly value discretion, and all information you share with me is kept strictly confidential. I also encourage you to set up an email address on ProtonMail here (it only takes a couple minutes), as then all of our email communications will have end-to-end encryption.

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Feeling hot for teacher?

If the physics is leading you to feel the kinetic potential, the biology is making you curious to see what’s under my genes, and the chemistry is really lighting up your Bunsen burners, then please fill out the form below, in order to (text)book a day with me. It’s about time this matter be addressed, Einstein. I can’t wait for us to carbon date!

Are you a student who’s not a fan of fill-in-the-blank quizzes? If you prefer to turn in these questions in short-answer form, you may email ALL of the requested information to instead.