In history class, we are too often bored into a stupor by being forced to read and recite names and dates, of leaders lost or battles won. But history comes alive when we read it not as the resumé of one society or period, but instead as the personal essays of the people who lived there and then. Not just when and where they lived, but how they lived, and why they lived.

So please allow me to share a few of the pieces that make up my story…

Leah Lindsay - Sensual Brunette

Physically, I sport all-natural curves and long, lush brunette curls. I do not intentionally inhale smoke into my lungs, carry no ink on my skin, and only have two highly salacious piercings…one in each ear. A lifetime of almost always being the most petite person in the room has probably only added to my cheeky feistiness; I like to say that dynamite comes in small packages!

My formal education took me through to graduation as a Magna Cum Laude double-major from a private university. I have a heart for social justice and sustainability. I have worked in the remote villages of a developing country, and in the offices of corporate America. I own my own environmental consulting business, and am pursuing my dreams to create another enterprise that regenerates both land and community.

I caught the travel bug early on in life. It’s been my experience that there is no better way to learn about the world, our different paths and customs, and most importantly, our shared humanity, than to travel. I have learned another language, lived in both Europe and Central America, and visited 30 countries on five continents. I have taught myself with a white-knuckled grip how to drive a stick shift pick-up truck during the rainy season in the mountains of Guatemala, put in a good word with the gods after hiking up Greece’s Mt. Olympus, conquered overwhelming fear to go scuba diving through a shipwreck in Bali, stood shocked amidst snowflakes at the top of the Duomo in Florence at the moment lightning struck, and breathed in the delicious smells of my Spanish host mother’s kitchen while she taught me the secrets to making her seafood paella.

I’ve been described more than once as an “old soul,” with maturity beyond her years...though I also think it’s wise to keep the twinkle in my eye, to laugh at life’s quirky moments, and to never stop playing! I like to stay well-informed on the happenings of the world, as well as in-tune and aware of my own needs and feelings. It is important to me to always strive to be kind. One of my strengths is as an empathetic, engaging conversationalist. I observe with a relaxed curiosity those around me, and always pay attention to the details. In my free time you may well find me catching up with friends and family, attending live performances, or giving it a go at an overly ambitious recipe in the kitchen. I feel just as at home in a gown at the theater as in jeans and a t-shirt at the county fair.

I am very sensual; I love beautiful things and crave physical touch. I find power in feeling deeply into my feminine energy, and respecting, appreciating, and engaging with the masculine energy, to create a dynamic and memorable exchange. With experience in the kink scene, it becomes my pleasure to surrender mind and body to a gentleman or couple who has earned my trust.

So, fellow scholar, now that I have shared some of myself with you, when will I have the opportunity to learn what makes you tick, and what tickles your fancy? When will my history become our history?

It’s up to you. I’m waiting for you…

Leah Lindsay - Slender Sexy Girl